Monday, April 3, 2017

Five things you'll need in your life if you plan on having teenagers one day...The twenty year edition.

Wednesday Jeff and I will be married for twenty years...TWENTY YEARS!
{How can it be twenty years already!?}

This week I am devoting my blog to all things marriage.
A little couple to couple advice on things we've learned or experienced thus far.

I thought I'd kick off the week with five things you will NEED in your life if you
plan on remaining somewhat sane while sharing your home with teenagers.

1. You need your own bathroom. My mother has been saying this
to us girls for many years now. I won't go into detail here,
I'll just say... boys are boys no matter how old they get.
...and really, there aren't enough candles in the world when a mom
has to do her hair and a boy has just spent some time in the restroom.

2. Double thick, plush, sound proof carpeting covering your bedroom floor...
..{and maybe even the walls}.

3. A high quality, bed....because no matter how quiet you think you are when you are
...ummmm..."sleeping"...a house can be ferociously silent once night falls.

4. Moms of boys, get a good bra because you will be wearing it twenty four hours,
seven days a week.

5. If possible put four refrigerators in your kitchen and keep them filled with as
much red meat, chicken and eggs as possible.

You're welcome.


  1. haha!! so great!! happy anniversary week to you guys~ xo

  2. I must say that you are great at photography. These are such amazing pictures. May be you should start a new blog about photography.