Friday, April 7, 2017

Wrapping up the week...Wow! what happened to all that marriage blogging?

Life...that's what happened.
I started this week with  piano lessons filling my Tuesday afternoon
and nothing else on the schedule....

....I haven't stopped all. week. long!!!
Everyday filled to the brim with busy. All good...but I'm glad it's the weekend.

These photos were all taken last Sunday.
It was opening trout boys really look forward to this time.
They usually spend it with my dad and's a Savino family tradition.

It was rainy and cold...I was the only one that cared. Ha!

Jeff and I celebrated 20 years this past week.
We ate deep dish pizza and watched a movie on our couch.

We are actually planning a trip together this summer/fall.
....and we're going to breakfast tomorrow.
I love being married to him so very much. He makes life perfect.

Have a wonderful weekend.
It's supposed to be warm and sunny here!

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  1. Perfect post! It is really an amazing experience of passing time with someone you so dearly love. Pictures are so lovely and calming scenery.