Friday, March 3, 2017

Wrapping up the of skillets {again} and paczkis and a favorite instagram-er and I really can't stand Michael Moore.

My dear mother in law brought paczkis to us on Fat Tuesday.
Frankie was excited for his blueberry pastry.
....but as soon as he picked it up, he put it right back down.

He can't handle being sticky. That was the end of the paczki! He didn't even eat one bite.
No worries...his pig mother ate most of it after she finished her's.

I did however give up sugar for Lent.
This is HUGE for me! HUGE.
It's been three days.

Yesterday our house was bustling with little boys.
Six cousins playing Thomas the Train.and trucks.and cars.and books.
....and obviously the piano. ;)

The week of skillets has come to a close. and guess what? I WON!!!
I am such an awesome wife. I even woke up twice this week in the four o'clock hour.

I am a morning person...I love early.
I can handle 5:30..maybe even 5:15 in the summer...but four o'clock:anytime ...No thanks.

Instead of love notes, Jeff sends me songs.
He has always given me "music love notes"
He used to send me cd's in the mail when he was away at college and
write the numbers of songs I should listen to. Ahhhh....memories.
He sent this one a couple of days ago.

Speaking of memories...this Sunday Jeff and I started dating 23 years ago!

I don't care if you are a Republican or Democrat. Whether you love Trump or hate him...
You shouldn't say these sorts of things
P.S. I can't stand you Michael Moore.

Currently my favorite instagram account. I've been following her for a while..and she's still a favorite.
Her photos are so...inspiring, beautiful, oh so lovely.
She makes me want to visit India, squeeze lemons and paint my kitchen pink!

You can find her home tour Here
I looooove her sweet little apartment. We have matching copper pots...just sayin.

Well you have a wonderful weekend, okay?

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