Friday, April 28, 2017

Wrapping up the week...Engagement.Being Late.Balloons.The Sweetest Photo.Two Songs.My Love.

I remember being there when he was born... now my little brother Jake is getting married!

He asked Molly to be his bride.
She is adorable and sweet and we are excited to
have her joining our family.

He proposed early on a gorgeous, gorgeous, Sunday morning at the end of Navy Pier.
My sister and I went down early with our husbands and
tied balloons to a bench.

Then sat back across the pier, drank our coffee and waited.
Our friend Maggie was there to take pictures!!! It was perfect.

Maggie is this not the most perfect photo ever???
{Navy Pier reposted it on their site..How fun for them!}

This article has been circulating the web...I love it!
It's perfect. You need to read it and have compassion on the late.

"People who are late have a greater inability to feel stressed, leading to health benefits, but also think outside the box and look at the bigger picture. All of these things lead to greater success at work, alongside a longer life."
and also...

"As with the laid-back nature of a B type personality, they will not worry so much about train times, booking hotels or flights. They “will just throw some items in a suitcase and head out, figuring out where to eat and sleep along the way."
^^^I think Jeff and I had a plan once..maybe.

Late people don’t see it as a big deal when others are late, because they can ‘see the bigger picture’

I promise to never be mad if you are late.
It will actually make me happy because you will be later than me! ;)

So next week I'll tell you how my attitude as a wife needed to change..
...and how I'm praying and working on it.

I am so in love with this man{the one wearing the blue shirt in the picture ^^^}
...the more I learn, the more I realize how UN-deserving I am.

Here are 2 songs...they will make you think and appreciate.

Grab some Kleenex before you listen to THIS one.
Jeff told me he loved me and sent it to me last summer when we were in the middle of a fight...
...yeah, I was crying and our silly little fight pretty much ended immediately.

It seemed important at the time...and now, I don't even remember what it was even about!
Ha! We are such selfish beings. People I people. Me. Myself. all of us.
Thank you Jesus for redemption!

Here's another ....I absolutely love The Avett Brothers.

They are probably our favorite.
Years of listening and we have never gotten tired of hearing their music.

Well...You have a great weekend.


  1. A non-related blog post. We used to be xanga friends (is that what it was called? I don't even remember). I also don't remember what my name was, I think Little House Mommy because I had 4 little girls at the time? & this will probably come through under my daughter's name since she knows her google password & I can't remember left from right some days...anyway, we are taking a family trip out west before our kiddos start flying the nest & will be passing through Chicago in a couple hrs. It wasn't on our places to stop, but we've decided very last minute to do so, just to say we've been, lol! I've often seen you post pictures of Chicago & am wondering what is something that would be good to do (very quickly)?


    1. I am SO sorry!!! I am just seeing this now and you are obviously not in Chicago anymore! I hope you had a nice time passing though. Hopefully you found some fun things to do...the city is a great place to visit and there is so much to see! {and eat!} I do remember your xanga! Your girls were all I'm sure they are all grown up now. Again...I'm sorry I didn't see this in time to answer you more quickly. :( If you ever visit again, I will be happy to give you ideas!!!

  2. So nice and the pictures are so lovely. It took me to the times when my husband proposed me almost 12 years back. These are the memories to cherish.

  3. No worries! It was an extremely last minute decision to stop by Chicago on our western trip, just to say we'd been, lol! We ended up at a donut shop, in a not so great area of town - Jeff didn't want to drive the rv in the downtown area. Might not have been the best decision, we got a bit freaked out.

    It's so crazy how time flies! I can't even remember how many children I had back when I blogged on xanga? I have 5 girls & 3 boys now. The western trip was a very last minute decision (though we've talked about it for years). Our oldest daughter had a very brief amount of time that we could fit it in this month - she had been living in Guatemala since this past September & has a lot of plans on her agenda now that she's back home. We decided we needed to actually get it done while all the children are still home, though the youngest ones won't remember it...

    I did start another blog about a year ago, but I never write anything on!