Monday, May 8, 2017

Lately around here.

Sunshine came.....but it's still chilly.
{Dear warm, where are you?
I reeeeeaaaally want to open my windows and wear sundresses!}

My herb garden needs tending to.
That will most likely happen this week.

Bath night is every night...thank you sand and dirt.

Thanks to Alex, our back porch is summer ready...whenever it decides to come.

{Sophia taking sunset photos with my camera ^^^ finding their pictures when I upload.}

This girl made us homemade pizza Friday night...Thanks Allison.

Dinner by Jeff.
He's seriously amazing in the kitchen.

Jeff was fixing my clothesline posts and he "helped".

And that's lately around here. :)


  1. I spy a vintage yellow fiesta bowl in picture 8!

    1. I traded a lady a dozen ears of corn for that bowl while selling vegetables at a flea market one summer! Haha!