Saturday, May 20, 2017

Wrapping up the week on Saturday...I love this lens...oh wait, I don't. I do love this song though.and the tacos. and the muffins.

I found my old lens in my camera bag..I thought...I haven't used this for a while.
When I uploaded my pictures, I remembered why.
I never thought I would be a person who cared about camera lenses...but I do.
...and all last weekend I used the one I highly dislike. Oh well.

My grandparents live on a lake...and all the grand kids and great-grand kids think it's the greatest.
Especially since there are many fishermen{and fishergirls} in our family.
{I am not one of them..I just like to be outside by the water...maybe cast once or twice}

When your neighbor graduates high school...and they have a party and hire a Taco Truck.
No matter how hard a person tries, no one can make tacos like the Mexicans can.
The cilantro, the onions, the beef, the corn good.

It's Saturday. It's raining... It's 48 degrees outside.
I am freezing and wearing a big chunky May.
I have sour dough rising in the kitchen.
The girls and I are on the couch watching this old movie's one of my favorites!
{I think I've seen it 2,000 times...I will never get tired of it no matter how old I get.}

Jeff and the boys are working on our family room/dining room renovation...
..I think today the wall is coming down! I'm so excited!
I love any home project....and this one is a big one.

Cute little song for you to listen to.

Happy Weekend.

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  1. Liz it's so funny but I was catching up on your blog on my phone and I got an Instagram notification that you "liked" one of my pictures there. We were both catching up on each other at the same time. :). I love your simple blogging style -- simple yet meaningful with something to think about in each post. My sympathies on the loss of baby. Heal well, Liz!