Tuesday, May 30, 2017

We do school at home...the summer edition.

Homeschooling #9
We wrapped up the school year last Friday. {clap,clap,clap}

I am a big believer in school starting after Labor Day and
ending before Memorial Day weekend.
We do not do "official school" through the summer. Why?
....because we LOVE this season and all that goes along with it!

I want to be swimming in the sunshine and weeding my herb garden and
going to the beach and taking walks to the park and handing my kids popsicles
and lemonade and sitting on my porch while they fly past me on bicycles.

Like always, we will be part of the summer reading program at the library...they love this.
.....and journal-ing throughout the summer.
{ok, I'll be honest here, I should say I'm going to TRY to make them
keep up with journal-ing...this is one of those things we always start and never finish. Ha}

Art projects will still happen..because I have girls and well, that's just what they do!
{at least my girls}

We will be visiting lots of Farmer's Markets because I blog over at Twin Gardens.
We will also be spending lots of time making pizzas at markets
and catering with Savino's Brick Oven.
{and eating pizza...oh my goodness you guys have to try our pizza!!! You'll love it! I promise.}

I consider this more educational than a stack of worksheets.
I'm thankful my kids have these opportunities.

Happy Summer Days!!!

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  1. Hey there ! this is a fantastic post and i am loving it. I can see that you have a lot going on for you. I wish you all the best with everything. Keep us posted.