Monday, July 31, 2017

It was too late to canoe, I flipped the homemade cheesecake upside down and it's been thirteen years with her.

She was four minutes away from being born in the car.
{Thank you Jeff for breaking speed limit laws that sunny, July evening... are an amazing driver even at 91 miles per hour.}

It took us two days to name her....
...we flipped a coin while filling out the birth certificate.
The nurses were laughing at us. Heads Molly...Tails Allison.
Molly, my choice actually won...but Jeff really, REALLY had his heart set on Allison...
...and since I liked it too, I let him win.
My brother is marrying a Molly in just a few short weeks....
..we'll have the name in the family now. ;)

She loves horses and dogs...and it's really sad her mother hates them.
Not horses...but least in the house. ;)

She wanted homemade macaroni and cheese and
burgers on the grill for her birthday dinner.
It was a family effort... we have kids that like to cook...
.....Jeff needs to build me a bigger kitchen!
{Would anyone want to donate to a GoFundMe?
Is that taking advantage? Nooo....I don't think so.}

Her cake was a cheesecake..she helped me make it.
Then I flipped it upside down on the floor right before
we were about to sing Happy Birthday!!!!!!!
{They all called five second rule...I just couldn't. Yuck!}

She wanted to go canoeing at sunset...after dinner we went to rent canoes.
We missed it by twenty minutes....plan b.

We caught nothing.

Sisters and bestest of friends.
I pray they always stay this close.

{^^^The pieced together flipped cake. Ha!}

We now have four "teenagers" in the house.
I absolutely love it!!! They are fun and incredible and make our home happy.

I can't believe...I CANNOT believe!!! my oldest daughter is thirteen.
She is such a blessing to us.

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