Friday, August 4, 2017

Wrapping up the week....with no mom guilt, some really good songs! and God needs our wisdom...oh wait, He actually doesn't.

How was your week? I can't believe it's August already, can you?

Our garden is {almost} in full force. We are watching those heirloom tomatoes closely!
I can't wait to make my summer soups and tomato pie! Soon..Soon!

I wrote THIS a couple of years ago on my blog...I forgot all about it!
....I was reminded this Monday when I read THIS article.
Thought you moms could use a little encouragement as you head into the weekend.
You are loved.

God needs our wisdom ...oh wait, He actually doesn't.
{don't read if you don't understand satire...wink}

Jeff and I are always, always on the hunt for new music.
We have spent many a high school dates scouring Tower Records {remember that store?!}
searching high and low for new artists.

{Is it embarrassing that we had a collection of over 1,000 cd's
on or shelf at one point?}

Anyway...we now have kids that do some finding for's great!
..they know what we like....and I can't get enough of these guys!

I downloaded the album after Alex had me listen. I've been playing it all week.
They are seven siblings ...and they are amazing together!


...and I think this is my favorite at the moment.
You know what...their whole album great! Haha.

Have a Fabulous weekend!!!

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  1. Happy August!! You always have the best music suggestions.❤️ And funny, but true post on God needing our "help."