Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Hello little blog, ten days later.after the fair.after the birthdays.

Savino's Brick Oven spent last week at the county fair.
The guys made pizzas all week long.
The wives (and nana and grandpa and grandma) made dough during the day and
then walked kids around the fair until way, way, waaaaaaay past their bedtime.
The papa made all the Italian sausage.

The kids thought it was the greatest week ever!

The girls entered a bunch of projects...
Allison won...
First Place for muffins.
Second Place for brownies
Third place for a crotchet project.

Sophia won...
Second Place for a still life drawing {her cousin won first!}
Third Place for black and white drawing.

The tractor tires were one of the highlights..Ha!

The cousins...they are all so blessed to be part of a big family.
It's funny how to them, everyone all the time is part of life.

We went to pick up our fair projects and more than half my family was there picking up their things.
I love it! It's nice to have so many people in my life.

His brothers took him to the truck shoot out one evening...he thinks he's big stuff.

What fair is complete without cotton candy and snow cones?
They are a must....for the kids. ;)

I could eat our pizza everyday and never, EVER tire of it!
It's my favorite...you guys have to try it.



  1. so fun!! love the fair.. AND your family pizza. problem with having it is now I crave it!! haha. happy last days of summer. xox such cute pics!!