Friday, August 18, 2017

Wrapping up the week...Don't mind us while we summer a little longer.


Most of the kids in this country went back to school this week.
Not us. As I've written herehere and here ....I don't like early school starts.
I know not everyone had a choice...I'm thankful we do!
....and we will start in September.



Jeff and I are leaving our kids behind for the weekend.
I have work to do in the city and we're getting together with some friends.

I have been sooo excited to have time alone with my favorite person on the planet!!!
{that would be Jeff...wink}

....but now that it's the day of, I get all nervous about leaving my kids.
Even though they'll be in good hands...I turn into worry queen of America.
So now I'm all stressed.

However...come Monday I'll want this weekend back! and my husband here.
Ha! Funny how we let ourselves torture ourselves.

Have a fabulous weekend.

p.s. I put the girls names under the photos that they took and edited.
They are very into photography and using my camera. Ha!

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  1. You are italian in all the things you do :) you begin the school in september and you torture yourself about worring too much for your kids !! Cinzia...from Italy