Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Ten things I learned from the "top drawer" and a devastating earring break.

He was so CUTE in his Structure vest, Fossil watch, 5.0 GPA, driving a gold Ford Escort...
...yes I'll go on a date with you and yes I'll marry you in three years!
...and yes I'll love you even more than I can imagine 20 years later!

The first summer we knew each other he bought me a pair of tiny gold hoop earrings.
I have worn them almost everyday since. That's over 23 years of wearing!

THEN...last Friday night one of my earrings cracked in half
when I was putting it back into my ear. I was so sad because...
1. My favorite pair of earrings were now broken.
2. Sentimental cry was the first "big" present Jeff ever gave to me.

Saturday morning I was on a mission to find another pair of gold earrings I own,
since I can only wear gold in my ears. I can wear other metals only for a short time...
...then they bother me.

I ended up searching through and emptying out my "top drawer".

Do you guys have "top drawers"?
You "important" junk drawer.
One you can't just that contains super important things as you can see below.

I learned a few things last Saturday morning.

1. My retainer no longer teeth have shifted.
{Really? I, the queen of tossing away still owns her retainer?'s that black polka dot container...
...I decorated it myself using white out when I was a young teenager.}

2. We have 2 free ice cream cones at Culver's.

3. I forgot how good Philosophy perfumes smell..and Jo Malone.
...and Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea.... an oldie but goody...especially during the summer.

4. I still own 10,000 bracelets I haven't worn in 10 years? never know. But really..I do know. Just get rid of them Liz!

5. Why, yes Jeff, I do have chapstick you can use.
..Not the answer I gave him the other night, but after my top drawer, well...

6. I have an extra dollar now.

7. I found a few long, lost pens.

8. That little gold square in the top left corner of my's a key chain.
Jeff gave it to me for our first Valentines Day.
It's name is on one side and I love you on the other.
I forgot all about that sweet gift.

9. The watch I always wear on my wrist is not on my dresser.


10. Gulp..I guess the girls aren't the only reason pony holders go missing.
Sorry for all that blaming dear daughters of mine.

P.S. I never found the other gold earrings I was looking for.

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