Friday, July 14, 2017

Wrapping up the week...Monday thru Friday and a couple of little articles for you.

Nothing exciting going on around here.
Just the usual...and the usual is the most peaceful.

I had to give the Heimlich for the first time in my life. my 2 year old.
....he was choking on a cracker RIGHT in front of me while I was chopping peppers. was scary to see him turn purple and not breath.
..I was thankful I knew what to do.
...he cried for a little while. I didn't cry...but my hands were pretty shaky.

We ate tacos...because..well, Taco Tuesday.

It rained. a LOT.  Hello weeds everywhere. Hello mosquitoes everywhere. Hello humidity.

I'm also very proud of my brother in law .
His job is not an easy one...especially in this day and age.
Thank your local officers!

In this week's episode of God convicting Liz and her sin nature...
After having my very own expectations and taking them out on my dear husband...
I read this article a friend posted on FB  ....Ouch! too bad I didn't read it sooner.
Sorry Jeff.

I bought a bottle of geranium oil. and a Larabar  ...big excitement.
I also found a new store that opened close to my house that sells Polish Pottery!
It's eight hundred million dollars a piece ...I'll be doing a lot of browsing. ;)

Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

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  1. Wonderful and yet amazing work you have done. The whole week from Mon to Fri schedule you shared is just amazing. Keep doing great work.