Thursday, August 24, 2017

Down the road...

It's the most requested walk....go visit Jasper.

It's funny....I grew up with sidewalks and back alleys and three parks within walking distance
and airplanes from O'hare flying so low we would try to wave to the people in the windows!

Then we moved to a further suburb when I was in high school.
After high school my parents moved out to the country.

I always envisioned myself living in a cute Chicago neighborhood...
...and here we are, in a small town surrounded by corn fields. Ha!

My kids love it and tell me there is no way they could live in the busy city.
They ask all the time if we can move farther out!

Anyway...all this to say...both have my heart now!

Move me to Lincoln Park and I'd be happy as a clam.
Move me to 40 acres and I'd be happy there too.

I'm such a content person... *cough*


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