Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Listen young moms....It wasn't that long ago....

....I was the schedule maker and the one in charge of our time.

....everyone was in a car seat.

......all of my babies came along to pick up apples every Fall or pick strawberries in Spring.

...we sat together for breakfast each morning and I would read out loud.

......baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies made me the queen of the world.

....Hot Wheels were everything!!!

..everyone wanted to sit next to me. {or on top of me!}

....I had a couch full excited for me to read Dr. Suess.

.......I couldn't wait for nap time.

...playmobiles were set up all over the living room for days.

...we grocery shopped as a group.

.......I used to hear constantly "Are they all your's?".

...everyone was excited to go to the library to pick out books.

.....ice cream was a HUGE deal.

...movie night was the highlight of the week.
{a camp-out on the family room floor took it to the next level!}

All six of our kids still live at home.

Our oldest turned twenty last month and I know it won't be long until
they all start leaving this nest we made.

These days I mostly bring along the girls and Frankie...
...because they're the only ones who want to come with me! Haha!!!
The older boys are more into one on one time while out instead of the whole team.

They will come with me to be nice if I'm going alone...but I tell them it's okay.
I know they don't love the library like the three year old loves the library.

They are onto bigger and better and more manly things...
...going to the gym.
...sleeping outside under the stars in their fancy sleeping bags no matter the temperature.
...cooking bacon in cast iron pans on open fires.

These things make me happy to see. I love being their mom! and I love seeing them grow up.

But...it's all happening so fast! I had no idea.
When older moms in Target lines tell you time will go fast and enjoy these days...LISTEN!

Listen to them.
You will very soon have time to read that book and take a shower in peace...I promise!
You will one day go to the store alone like you've been wanting to
and you will wish for someone to help pick out a flavor of juice or a type of cereal.

I am happy beyond happy that I have been and
still am able to stay home. I know not every mom can.

Yes..sometimes we sacrifice things or activities and Jeff sacrifices a lot of time
so I can be with the kids all day...but we wouldn't trade it for anything.
{although I would love for Jeff to be home all day with us too!}

I can buy new furniture and fancy jewelry when they are all grown and gone.
I probably won't even care much about it all when the time comes anyway.

Don't wish away your time....I know..I KNOW life can feel crazy and full.
When you feel like running away {which will happen if you're a mom!!!}....
...take a minute. Think about what you have right in front of you.
and be grateful for your crazy life!

Before you know it...you'll be thinking..It wasn't that long ago...

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