Tuesday, October 17, 2017

We traveled to Iowa to cook and celebrate and stand up in... and a few other little things.

My brother Jake married Molly.

Their wedding was outside on her parent's beautiful property out in Iowa.

Savino's Brick Oven {our family} made all the food for the wedding.
{Click HERE for a little video to see everyone in action}

Sadly none of our grandparents could make it to the wedding.
They are such a big party of our family...
....it was sad and strange for our grandpa and both of our grandmas to be missing.
Grandpa needed surgery two days before...we are thankful all is well.
...and even though Grandma wasn't there, she still baked her sweet table and
sent all the good Italian cookies along!

"Are we finished up here?"....this one was made me laugh..Ha!

All the pretty cookies....

I asked the boys for one picture...just ONE nice picture! {insert eye rolling emoji here}

{It starts young...let me tell you!!!}

Congratulations Jake and Molly!!!
So happy to have a new sister in the family.

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