Monday, October 30, 2017

Monday and Applesauce by numbers.

Two bushels...or two laundry baskets chocked full of apples.

Four and a half people.
{not that Frankie isn't a whole person..but as an applesauce helper, we'll count him as half...-ish}

Two pears eaten while making applesauce. {wink}

Eight and a half hours.
{Why every October, do I underestimate the timing of this endeavor in my mind?}

Twenty one quarts sealed and cooling on the kitchen table.

One chicken roasted in the oven all afternoon with carrots and potatoes and onions and garlic.

Two cups of coffee.

Three round trips back and forth to the orchard to drop off and
pick up employees who happen to be my children.

Four loads of laundry washed.
Two loads put away.
Two will wait until tomorrow morning.

One mother happy with all that was accomplished.
The same mother happy to be getting ready for bed.

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