Thursday, November 2, 2017

Wrapping up the week...with the most perfect of perfect songs and my love for November.

{my brother and sister in law's family room^^^..I would move into it if I could}

November is pretty much my favorite.
You can read about it HEREHEREHERE or you can see, I like November. {wink}

For many, many reasons I love November.
Jeff's birthday. Thanksgiving. Fires begin almost daily in our wood stove.
Cinnamon Coffee. Pumpkins are still in full swing. All the baking. Homeschooling.
It's the eve of the Christmas season!!!...etc.

...and now I give you THE PERFECT NOVEMBER SONG!!!!!

My sister Caitlin shared it with us a couple of weeks ago...
...I loved it and couldn't agree more.

Happy November.

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