Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Star counts are falling...why on EARTH did I suggest sharing an app?

We were away for the weekend. Just the two of us.
I was getting ready for the day.
Jeff of course was dressed...he started and finished before my hair was even dry.
Men are so fast.

Since the hotel coffee was mehhh...he said he'd run for us.
To Starbucks.
My standard.
Where I am a gold member and have accumulated more stars than I would care to admit.

I made, what I thought at the time, was a brilliant suggestion...
"Why don't you log into my account on your phone...then we can both "earn" stars.

{For those of you who don't know, stars are points you get when
you make a purchase at Starbucks}

I downloaded the app onto my dearly beloved's phone and naively logged in.
He returned with our coffees...I finished my hair.

We spent the rest of the morning caffeinated and in love.

This happened on a beautiful, sunny, Sunday morn...
..now, let us fast forward to the following Thursday.

Liz is in the Starbucks drive-thru.
Liz orders a cup of coffee.
Liz pays with her Starbucks app.
Liz receives coffee from barista in window.
Liz begins to drive away.
Liz receives a text from husband.
"How's your coffee?"

I know he's amazing and smart...but also telepathic?
How does he know? ...I wondered in three seconds of awe.

Then suddenly, it all became clear.
Notifications folks!
Those little light up "dings" that take place on your screen when an app
wants to share information with you.

You know..a text message. a phone call. your wife purchasing coffee.
I have a new thing in my life...Coffee Accountability!

Now, I never hide anything financial from Jeff.
I really hate when wives sneak around behind their husband's backs when it comes to finances.
The old..."What they don't know won't hurt them..."
It's rude and selfish in my opinion.
{Unless you are saving for a surprise or a gift...etc. ...well, then it's okay}

You should respect and be able to trust each other in the area of money.

We are very open with our spending...
...however, we do not discuss each purchase we make.
I don't tell him when I buy a bagel and he doesn't inform me when he stops for a bottle of water.

But now..thanks to notifications, he knows about Every.Single.Cup.Of.Coffee!!!
...and lately, I seem to be spending a whole lot less at my nearest Starbucks location.

Funny how accountability and awareness in an area of life changes things.
Especially when you get an "Enjoy your coffee" text each time you grab a mocha.

{Love you Jeff if you happen to read this...{wink}


  1. Haha...that's so funny! Reminds me of my debit card and a husband who daily balances the financial budget. It could be a shopping day and he'll text and say, "having fun at Walmart, Ross, and Target?". He knew what I spent and where I had been....lol and that was before the Find Friends App.

    1. That would be worse than the Starbucks app. Talk about accountability! Haha!