Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Goodbye October..Heeeeeellllloooooo November, the coziest part of fall.

November is definitely one of my favorite months...maybe even my favorite.

November is kind of like Friday.
Friday is the eve of the weekend and has that feeling of excitement.
November is the eve of the Christmas season...but also holds much wonderfulness on it's own.

November is a good mood month....
You can still celebrate all things fall in November.
Trees are still colorful and pretty.
Many of the apple orchards are still open.
Fall decor and pumpkins can still be left out to enjoy.
There will still be days that are 60-70 degree days, BUT...it's mostly chilly.
You are able to layer on the sweaters and wear just a scarf and be warm enough.
No tundra gear needed quite yet.

November is the cozy part of fall.
The part where there are fires and blankets and it's time to plan out the
Thanksgiving meal for the end of the month.

I was thinking yesterday how important it is to enjoy the season we are in.
Take each day at a time. Live each day moment by moment.
It's hard to do when we have so much going on! ...but I want to try and do this better.

Okay...off to color pilgrim pictures now. ;)
Happy November!

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  1. Love this.....and your kids are beautiful. Couldn't agree more on the need to enjoy the season you are currently in...spot on.