Friday, November 4, 2016

Wrapping up the week...with iPhone Pictures.

Have I mentioned I love November? Well, I do.
This week the weather has been amazing...except Wednesday when it stormed and rained all day.
But that too makes for a cozy fall day...and I love those kinds of days.

The pumpkin patch. Still full of orange and just about to be turned over.

Growing up, Jeff's basketball number was always 10.
So when he had the option to choose his number he chose 10..just like his dad.
I about adorable is that?

"That is so sweet!" I told him when he picked up his uniform.
"It's cool mom, not sweet, okay?"

{Can you find the Frankie hidden in the picture above?...this is the game we've played all week long}

Do you guys like Polish Pottery?
If I were rich I'd own every pattern in the classic collection! {except maybe the stars..they're eh.}
Actually...I love most of the collections. They are all just....sigh...perfect.

Every once in a greeeeeaaaaat while they have a piece or two at TJMaxx...
...which is where I found the mug pictured above.

This is pretty much all we listen to during the fall.
It's so relaxing and fits the mood of everything cinnamon baking in the oven.

Happy Weekend to you.

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