Thursday, November 30, 2017

Advent.Old Fashioned Peppermint Sticks...and a few links for you to click on.

It's so easy to get lost in it all..the busy and present buying and
comparing and worrying that we're not doing enough...
...when really the only enough we should be worrying about is the enough of Jesus.
After is His day. His season.

It's because of Him we're celebrating and baking all the cookies and decking all the halls and
drying all the oranges and giving all the's because of HIM!

...The arrival of a noteable person or event.
...The coming of Christ at the incarnation.

We are in the season of Advent...waiting for the arrival of a King!

The girls, Frankie and I decorated all the December envelopes this afternoon.
I fill each envelope with a card...written on each card is something special to do that day.

Most days are reading a Christmas book, baking a batch of cookies
or stirring hot chocolate with old fashioned peppermint sticks.

There will be a couple of big going to the movies, driving around looking at Christmas lights and we will be attending a concert in the city.

We also read the books from Arnold Ytreeide.
It's been an Advent tradition in our house for the past eighteen years.
They are SO good!!!
I promise your kids will be begging you to continue reading when the chapter is over.

We're reading Ishtar's Odyssey again.
We rotate the books each year...there are four to choose from.

I wanted to...but didn't this year follow...  Slow + Sacred.
Lots of visual inspiration HERE.
Next year! ;)

This time is about coming up with your own traditions...
...what works best for your family and your family's schedule.

Don't get caught up in trying to do can't do it.
I wrote about 5 Ways Not to Spoil Your Joy This Season ....a few years ago.

Happy Advent-ing.


  1. Love this post. I have a couple of those advent books I really should get one out and read it to Seth and Sarah.
    I love your skirt! ~Shanda

    1. Love the books...and my skirt is actually from Old Navy.
      When I went to check out it was on clearance for 98 cents!!!! Isn't that crazy?
      I thought it was on sale for $10!