Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Just a little lately....my cute white tray, cookies, those city lights aaaand that's it.

We've been stringing dried oranges and playing Christmas music and baking cookies.
{...and eating too many cookies...but tis the season, right?!}

Little plug for one of my favorites!!!
I love my white tray from Grove Collaborative.
P.S. It was Free. They give presents all the time.

They are a natural company I have been with for the past two years and am SO happy with!
I love the fact that I never have to worry about purchasing cleaning products at the store.
Once a month, an order I create, is delivered right to my door...
..who doesn't love when the UPS man pulls up?!
Even if it's only dishsoap. ...it's the excitement of the box, right?!

They have all sorts of fun things...not just cleaning products.
You can check them out HERE. ...you will also get $10 off your first order of $20 or more.
You'll love them. I do.
End little plug.

Moving on...
We're watching as many Christmas movies as we can squeeze in...tonight is Holiday Inn.
I'm so glad my kids love all the old black and white classics.
If they didn't...well they'd be forced by their mother to sit and watch anyway!!! {wink}

We took these cool cats to see Straight No Chaser at the opera house this past weekend.

While the group is amazingly talented and their music is really fun...
...I was disappointed by all the adult humor in their show.
Not appropriate for children!...or young men for that matter.
I definitely would have rather taken my daughter to the Nutcracker...which is on next year's agenda.

After the concert we walked over to State Street to see the windows and the Walnut Room at Macy's..
....which I still want to call Marshall Field's . {sigh}

Chicago is so beautiful at Christmas time.
The hustle and the bustle and the lights and the crowds and the street music...it's the best!

I tell Jeff every year that I want to buy a house and live in the city for the month of December.
...and July...and maybe October too. Ha!

But here we are..in our small town an hour away.
...and I love this too. Especially when it snows...which it did a little yesterday.
Now if only a big snowstorm would roll on through...that would be wonderful and Christmas-y!



  1. I walked through Macy's in Phoenix this past Friday. I was looking for Frangoes...

    1. They still sell them in the Chicago Macy's!

  2. I hate the feeling of sitting through something you are secretly offended by! LOL I'm sure God's grace covered your children's ears and they will simply remember the fun and wholesome sections. :)

    And um, I like the tray but .....it's not fiesta like your cookie plate so.....no thanks. (LOL)
    Merry Christmas!