Monday, December 18, 2017

This week... much too warm for our liking!
High of 47 degrees tomorrow? That's practically swimming weather, NOT Christmas weather.

...Jeff is away for work. {sniff,sniff..I hate sleeping without him}

...with him away, I feel motivated to accomplish things.
I am trying to finish as much as I can before he gets home at the end of the week.
That way the weekend won't be rushed and stressful.
{I'll let you know how that goes...she says while laughing so hard she's crying}

......we will be baking 17,521,375 cookies.
I will also probably eat most of those and then complain about being fat.

...we will be praying for snow!!! 100 inches! sister will hopefully be having her baby!!! She's due any second.
My phone is on next to my bed, ready for that middle of the night water breaking text!

....I tried my first fresh mandarin orange. Why did I wait so long?

...Tyler's girlfriend is coming up from Florida!
My girls are so excited to see her they can hardly contain themselves and
I have the happiest son you can imagine. {wink}

....I am trying to stay focused....focused on the reason for all the wonderful-ness this time of year.
All of this "Christmas" can be distracting..especially when the busy kicks in.
Christ. He is the reason. He humbly came for you and for me.

Happy Monday

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