Monday, August 19, 2013

I hate canning peaches.

Monday was consumed with peaches. I decided NOT to can them like usual.
(and by "usual" I mean I haven't done it for like 9 years! I pretend in my head I do it each year when really I just freeze a bushel of peaches for smoothies and oatmeal and muffins instead.)

I don't like the sticky and the mess and the long day....and once again, this year I just wasn't up for it.
So instead we made peach butter. Which made my kitchen sticky and messy and took all day long. ;)

I'll be honest..I actually hate canning peaches. It's the worst!
I'd rather buy them or not eat peaches at all if I have to can them....
that's how much I really don't like canning peaches. I really, really don't like canning peaches.
Not to be mistaken with I don't like canning...just not peaches.

But peach butter...well that's a different story.
Oh how I love you peach butter...
You tasted so good on my 8,000 calorie piece of homemade pound cake I spread you all over tonight.

Sammy spent the whole day in the kitchen with me. He worked as much as I did.
50 million hours later, 11 pints and 4 jelly jars full of oh-so-delicious peach butter were cooling on the counter. The recipe came from here should you want to give it a try. You will not be disappointed.

Hope your week was off to a good start.


  1. I. Hate. Canning.
    And I think I'm finally ok with that. It took me awhile to accept that about me, but I think I'm there.

  2. OOOh, it would be worth all the peach mess just for the beautiful picture you took!! :) I didn't can peaches this year either. Or actually, I didn't can ANYthing this year. Yet. :) It just IS a lot of work, and some days the ease of buying outweighs the benefits of home-canned goods!!


  3. Oh my goodness. I have a bushel of tomatoes waiting for me to get busy and turn them into seedless, skinless sauce! Then I'll do a blog post about how I hate canning tomatoes. LOL

    GOOD JOB! I'm proud of you. ;)

  4. We freeze peaches, but I do wish I knew how to can things. I learn best by demonstration, and no one has ever shown me how to can things. My grandmother used to make all of our jams, but she never did that while I was visiting. We have a bunch of figs right now that I wish I knew how to make into jam! Love the look of the kitchen, all white and beautiful. I also love spatterware bowls. Mine broke and I never got another. Maybe that should go on the wish list :-)