Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Take your lawyer off speed dial.

{a few from the iphone}

I've been a little hooked on Matt Walsh lately.
His blog posts, his podcasts, his FB page....he's great.

I was really excited to find This post . He could not have said things better.
{Especially when you get to the politician part :) Read it, you'll see what I'm talking about.}

I can't stand, I mean I REALLY can't stand the "Customer Service Victim" role.
You know, the people who keep their lawyer on speed dial because society is out to get them.

It drives me absolutely bonkers to hear people complain over simple mistakes.
The complainer wants forgiveness and grace extended to them...
but tends to forget others would appreciate that too.

Also, when you make a scene and then leave a store/restaurant...
People talk about you. they do. and not in a nice way! You make a fool of yourself.

Being nice gets you So much farther in life. :)


  1. love the little glimpses in your life~ so true being nice gets you further.. and probably extends your life as well! :))

    i like mike walsh too - the few things of his i've read. he has a great way of saying things.. intelligent, but not over your head. i like ppl like that. ;)

    happy wednesday here - the fires on. reese is napping. and i think i just might too!!!


  2. those pics are such fun little glimpses into your life. :)

    happy Wednesday!!

  3. I love reading Matt Walsh, too! He seems so wise for being only 27.

  4. Looks like someone went to Anthro?
    And yes, I agree w/you about the whole victim thing. I know the stores make a big deal out of "the customer is always right" but, um, THEY AREN'T always right!

  5. Your posts are always so cute and fun and short, Elizabeth. I SO agree about the victim complex. Grr. Life is just too short to make a big deal out of small issues. Have a happy week. ~Luci~