Monday, December 14, 2015

That one Christmas we went to New York City.

How do I share 955 pictures? or everything we did while in NYC?
I can't without boring you and making you sit here reading all night long.... here's the {semi} short version of our little Christmas road trip.

We stayed two nights in this beautiful, historic hotel. I asked if we could move in...they said No.
We ate dinner at this classy little place.
We walked from 44th street to 1st street to see Washington Square Park and then back again.
We tried coffee at Tim Hortons and Dean and Deluca
We went to Eataly. I love it in Chicago, but NYC is even better!

We went to Chelsea Market.  Love, love, love it there.

Of course we went to Central Park. and Rockefeller Center.

On our way out of the city we stopped at Carlo's Bakery of Cake Boss in Hoboken.  
Oh my baked goods ever! Now I want a brownie.

Yes, I woke up early one morning to stand outside Studio 1A ..... Joanna Gaines was there!
Jeff watched from a distant....he didn't quite share my excitement. Ha!

Jeff's cousin Heidi inspired the whole trip. We met up with them once we got into NYC.
Her and her husband Justin are amazing. {Love you guys!}

The best part of the whole trip?....being alone with my incredible husband.
I could get all mushy right about now..but I'll spare you and just tell him how wonderful he is.

Merry Christmas Season.


  1. We had the best time with you guys and think this should become a yearly event! Love the pictures Liz!!!

  2. You make it all look and sound wonderful. We enjoyed NYC, but did find it a bit overwhelming. I needed to tag around after you. Great photos of the trip too!