Thursday, December 10, 2015

Where 10 hours can take you.

I knew we were off to a late start when I opened my eyes and the sky was turning pink.
We slept through the alarm. So much for our 3:30 am start.

We tossed on our clothes. Loaded suitcases into the car. Grabbed our passports.
Stopped for coffee at Starbucks...and we were off.

It didn't matter that we were behind schedule, because we didn't really have one.... was just the two of us with nothing but time. {for a few days at least!}

It was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

We drove up to Niagara Falls and spent the night in Canada before heading to NYC. 
By the time we arrived it was dark. {The falls are amazing to see at night.}

The next morning we walked along the river and up to the falls.... was cloudy and foggy and misty and cold. The water was so powerful and loud.

What a gift nature is to us.
God sure did create a gorgeous earth for us to explore!

....and what a gift to have time alone.
We're dealing with that whole re-entry thing.  

I already dislike tomorrow morning when Jeff leaves for work. ;)
Time alone with your spouse is so important...and we haven't had much of it lately.
This little road trip was just what we needed. I wish today was Friday so we could start all over again.

We did miss the kids's nice to have them back. ...
however, they did not miss us nor did they want to come home. Ha!
....and it was also very nice of my parents to keep them for a few days.
{Thanks Mom and Dad! xxoo}


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  1. I dream of a vacation like that!!! We've snuck in a few since having kiddos, but the more kiddos there are, the harder it is to make happen...especially since our closest family is 30ish hours away! So glad you got such a special time together :)