Monday, December 12, 2016

Snow, a book, and a link...nothing too exciting. Except the link..I'd check out the Jotham's Journey link...and then I'd buy a book. You won't regret it!

If there is one thing that can put a person into a Christmas's snow!
Outside is a winter wonderland...we love it.

It snowed almost the entire weekend.
Church was cancelled yesterday and we had a quiet morning at home...
...sour dough French toast in the morning and sugar cookies all afternoon.

I know many of your read the Arnold Ytreeide books....
....this year we are reading Ishtar's Odyssey again.

If you don't read these books I would really encourage you to check them out!
They are really good books. We have been reading them since our boys were little.

Go to the website Jothams' Journey.
Scroll down and choose a book on a book.
Now look under the book and you will find "Special Feautures".
Click on it. Your kids will love it...very interesting and informative.

I want to go to Israel when I see all the photos! How fun that would be? 

{Two hours before the big snow began....}

This little guy would live outside if we let him.
He loves the snow....just like everyone else in our house.

This week is busy..filled with basketball games and
finishing up some things for school before Christmas break.

We don't have a heavy workload during the month of December...  {I wrote about it here last year} today we will be making more snowflakes and reading about Helen Keller.
{the girls have been reading about her this month} 

Off to start a whole lot of laundry...
HaPpY Monday to you.

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